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We are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection through focused, passionate expertise and an obsession with beauty and meaning. That is why our custom made jewellery process is a journey of precision. 



“The necklace is unique and very beautiful! It’s pretty large and makes a bold statement which I will wear well! Thank you so much for this gorgeous piece!”


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“With a visionary in design and with an unparalleled sense of aesthetic, TOKTAM is perhaps one of the most intriguing brands on the jewellery market today. With a designer that is as talented as she is humble and a team like no other, my experience with TOKTAM is always unparalleled. "


My journey from meeting the gorgeous amazing Toktam to discovering every beautiful collection she owns was nothing short of exceptional!!! Extremely fascinated by the extensive variety of customized jewelry at the workshop which was very refreshing in comparison to the basic market. I was educated on all things diamond, gold and pearl related and there was a lot of open discussions related to customization. I was presented with well thought out options in a beautiful and delicate presentation which made my decision relatively simple for my customized piece, especially thanks to Toktam’s professional advice.


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Jewelry that empowers you

Intricate & Dynamic

The beauty of the cosmos collides with the elegance of this piece to formulate a story of movement and glory

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