Like the movement of a graceful dancer, this line is characterized by an 18-Karat Series of the gold motif of interlocking twisted oval shapes, each entirely covered with a series of equally spaced and parallel cut lines creating a dance of light, which led Toktam to coin it the “dancer’s motif.”

"Jewelry is a very personal thing, it should tell a story about the person who's wearing it" 

-Garance Dare

After the design concept has been finalized, the designer will sit with the CAD designer and transform the design into a 3D shape so that any flaws in the design can be improved and rectified.  After the 3D modelling is complete, the client will be able to watch a short video on the 3D design as well as view the rendered image of the finished jewelry product to be able to approve it or make additional changes. 

Visualizing in 3D

The last stage is the finishing of the product. This is when the design becomes reality, with some parts done by hand and others created in 3D and then cast on the desirable type and color of the metal to be used. During this stage metal modelers, polishers, and stone setters work together to complete the finished product while Toktam will oversee all steps to ensure the client is satisfied with its execution, quality, and style.

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