“I’ve always been inspired by art and diverse cultures, and with stones, for their beauty, colors, reflection and the emotions they transmit. I want my jewelry to be seen as works of art.” 

Toktam Shekarriz

As a young girl, Toktam found herself surrounded by the vibrant colors and patterns of Persian carpets, the soft lines of golden saffron flowers, and the geometrical wonders of the historical architecture that defines her homeland. Her creativity and love for art were recognized at an early age. She spent most of her days drawing and painting the world around her. After high school, she attended university in Tehran where she obtained her bachelor’s in computer science, but her love for art never faded. In 1999 she moved to Dubai where she was inspired by its multiculturalism and heritage. It was there that she was able to further explore her creative pursuits while studying a course in fashion design.  

After almost a decade of living in Dubai, Toktam moved to Montreal, Canada where she immersed herself in French and North American culture. During that time, her interests shifted to gemstones and the natural world. She loved the variety of stones she saw and how nature could produce such fascinating creations that were a pleasure to behold and feel.


Willing to further explore her interest in gemstones, Toktam pursued a degree in Gemology from the École de Gemmologie de Montréal from which she obtained international certification as an FGA Gemologist from GEM-A, the Gemological Association of Great Britain. Eager to learn more, Toktam then completed courses in pearl, opal, color stone, and diamond grading with skilled specialists. She also participated in exhibitions and conferences in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

Yet Toktam soon realized that her passions lay in jewelry creation. She then enrolled in the École Joaillerie de Montréal, a school dedicated to the knowledge of jewelry making. Her dream one day was to set up her own jewelry brand.

In 2017 she decided to move back to Dubai in order to launch her jewelry and manufacturing company. She wanted to be inspired by the red dusk over the never-ending desert sands, the blue-green waves of the ocean, the romantic shades of red-orange in Arabian sunset, the earthy textures of traditional Emirati homes, and the geometric forms in modern high-rises that proliferate the Dubai skyline. She called her brand TOKTAM, featuring pieces with a style that marry her Persian heritage with her Arabic influences coupled with the bold and artistic forms found in contemporary art and architecture. 

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